Friday, September 18, 2009

Pueblo de Pamilacan

Pueblo de Pamilacan
Pamilacan Island, Baclayon, Bohol
Phone: +63 2 714 3541
Phone: +63 927 796 7759

The recently started Pueblo de Pamilacan offers cottages on the small island of Pamilacan. This island is not far from Bohol, and is a part of the Municipality of Baclayon. The island is home to former whale and dolphin hunters, but today forms and an ideal base for dolphin watching tours and snorkeling.

Room Rates

a. Room for two PhP 800.00/person
b. Room for six PhP 800.00/person
* Free breakfast, lunch and dinner per person
* free swimming

Cottage at Seashore side
PhP 300.00/cottage
* Whole day use of cottage
* Free swimming

Lunch per person
PhP 250.00/person

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